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Best Quality Solutions

We, in GL Interiors & Construction company are determined to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for our customers by lightning-fast and quality development of projects employing unique styles and architecture. Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want: we will help you to get the result you dreamed of.

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Our Philosophy

Mission of GL STUDIO and our creative team is to constantly learn and provide the best services to our customers and partners.

Our Mission

We believe that there are limitless possibilities in our field of work, and we strive to develop a unique expression for our brand.

Our Vision

Our Company has several key points that everyone - from director to last employee - stands for: Trust, Quality, Maximum care of client's desires.

Our Values
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From Sketch to Life

First step - Meeting

First, we arrange a meeting and talk about the plan for designing or building your home, garden, office etc. You present us pictures and other elements that can help us determine what exactly is your desire.

Second step - Visuals: Sketches, 3D Models

Next step is important, because than we confirm what are the key elements of this project - for example: how many stuff do you want in your offices, do you like more classic or modern look; or for your house - minimalistic look, dominant colors white, pastel blue, and grey etc. We present to you sketches and 3D models so that you can be sure about the look and enjoy in your space every day.

Third step - You enjoy, We do the job

Our creative individuals are equipped with the best knowledge, they have big experience and will do everything for You. Of course, if you want anything to add up, to modificate - we offer that service too, and will gladly listen to your ideas and accomplish everything related to your vision. We are flexible and we want our customers to have a full satisfaction with the space that will be decorated, built or both.

Final step - Living Your Dream

We believe that You will be very happy with the results and we want to hear your opinion and first impression. The most important thing for us is trust and honest conversation with our clients, so that we can fully achieve the realization of Your Dreams.


See example of our 3D models

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Clients and Partners Say

We are impressed with the services that "G.L. Interiors & Construction Studio" provided us. They have a very unique taste for interior design, and they produced really interesting, elegant, wonderfully unusual and appealing restaurant.
The elegance of our jewelry is being reflected by the space that has been gracefully decorated by GL Studio. We are more than greatful and we have to acknowledge their professionality, creativity and inovative spirit.
GL Interiors & Construction Company has a great sense of space usage and how to convert something outdated to something new, both minimalistic and atractive. We have only best to say about them, their team and work.